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Soos Creek Botanical Garden

See the flowers bloom! Soos Creek Botanical Garden is a beautiful garden in its own right, and it also serves as the home for several educational programs about horticulture, the environment, and history. Tours are offered between March and mid-November and are $5 per person with a minimum of $30 per group, just make sure you request the tour at least two weeks in advance! The Soos Creek Botanical Garden and Heritage Center are accessible to the general public, providing visitors the opportunity to explore inspirational, mature gardens while learning more about the fascinating local history of the Soos Creek Plateau.

Soos Creek Botanical Garden is dedicated to promoting the enjoyment, understanding, and conservation of plants and the natural world along with our community’s local history through education, research, and stewardship. You should definitely experience the gardens and programs as they continue to improve!

The garden is on 22 acres of land that were originally part of 200 acres purchased by Maurice Skagen’s Norwegian ancestors between 1891 and 1905. In 1891, the Northern Pacific Railroad sold Ole Evensen Oie a 160-acre chunk for about $10 per acre. Andrew Oie bought the adjacent 40 acres to increase the size of the property.

Andrew Oie farmed the property on which the garden is now located for many years. Maurice Skagen’s parents bought a five-acre piece of the property in the 1960s. His parents subsequently transferred it to him in 1968. Over time, Maurice and James have grown the original five acres by purchasing 17 additional adjacent acres. The garden now covers more than two hectares (about 5 km) from 132nd Avenue SE in Auburn, Washington, to a tributary of Soos Creek and several acres beyond.

Maurice began developing stroll-style gardens in the mid-1980s after touring several gardens in England and Japan. During these trips, Maurice acquired a number of plants, including tree peonies from Kyoto, Japan, and Sorbus from England. A wide range of plants has been purchased over the last 40 years from Pacific Northwest specialty nurseries.

Soos Creek Botanical Garden also has a Heritage Center for guests to enjoy! The Heritage Center is devoted to the history of the early settlers of the 70-square-mile area called the Soos Creek Plateau. An extensive collection of early photos, historical maps, and artifacts of the region’s ancestors is on display. Be sure to check this out when you visit!

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