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Garage doors and garage door openers are frequently plagued with issues. Fortunately, our experienced staff can address any problem you’re having with your garage door or opener, regardless of how severe it appears. So, if you want expert advice on choosing the ideal garage door for your property that reflects your distinct style – whether traditional or modern – we’re here to help! Since 2003, we’ve been creating gorgeous house garage doors that complement the rest of Kent’s homes.


We are an authorized retailer for major brands, servicing any door in Kent, WA.

We can create the perfect garage door for you regardless of style, color preference, or desired material. Furthermore, since we’re an approved dealer for several top brands in garage doors and openers, finding the ideal product for your home is a breeze. Your search ends here whether you long for traditional designs or something more modern and distinct.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Garage Door Repair in Kent, WA

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about garage door repair and garage door services in Kent, WA.

Garage doors are available in three materials: wood, steel, and aluminum. Wood garage doors are the most popular since they add a traditional appearance to your home. Steel garage doors are less expensive to install and require less care than wood ones. Aluminum garage doors are lighter and faster to install, making them ideal for modern properties.

We want you to have a garage door that fits all of your needs and style preferences which is why we offer free consultations. We can start by scheduling one today to find the perfect garage door for you!

Wood Garage Doors: Traditional garage doors are made of wood, which can provide a classic look to your home that meshes well with Washington’s many forests. Not only is wooden furniture beautiful, but it is also insulated better than most other materials. You can also stain or polish the wood for the perfect aesthetic on your property.

Steel Garage Doors: Steel garage doors are less expensive to install and maintain than wooden ones. Steel garage doors provide curb appeal while providing more insulation and protection for your home. The high thermal efficiency of insulated doors ensures that your garage will be both warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Our wide selection of styles and customization choices makes choosing the ideal door for your property simple.

Aluminum Garage Doors: Our glass and aluminum garage doors are built to last since they’re constructed of lightweight materials. Their anodized aluminum build makes them extremely maintenance-free, allowing you more time to enjoy your home and less worrying about your garage door.

The fact is that when it comes to garage doors, knowing what you need isn’t always easy. That’s why we provide free consultations in Kent, WA, to help you decide and create custom solutions tailored to your needs in Auburn, Kent, Tacoma, Seattle, Issaquah, and Bellevue. Make an appointment now!

The experts at our Kent location can usually repair your garage door spring in a few hours, depending on the severity of the damage. More significant damage will take longer to mend. We can fix your garage door spring in a few hours, allowing you to return to normal. We see how inconvenient a damaged garage door may be, and we’ll do all we can to mend it swiftly.

Please do not hesitate to contact our staff if you have any garage door issues. We would be thrilled to book an appointment and provide you with a repair timetable based on your requirements.

We are a garage door firm located in Kent, Washington, proudly serving clients in the surrounding areas. So please don’t hesitate to contact us immediately if you need help with your garage door maintenance or new construction!


The length of time a garage door lasts is determined by a variety of factors, including the materials used, how it was constructed, and how diligently it was installed. Steel garage doors may endure 20-30 years, but wooden ones only 10-20 years.

Regular maintenance is critical to ensure that your garage door lasts a long time. The weather, as well as use, have an impact on the lifespan of a garage door.

By conducting an annual garage door inspection, you can prolong its lifespan beyond the average of ten to fifteen years. Catching issues early on is much easier and less expensive than attempting to fix them after they’ve become significant problems.

It’s critical to deal with any problems with your garage door as soon as possible since doing so will save you money on more extensive repairs. The LexD team of professional experts has years of experience and will employ all resources to discover the source of the problem and make required adjustments. Contact us for a free consultation from our knowledgeable specialists to get started!

Garage doors have a significant influence on the appearance of a home. We provide high-quality garage doors in the Puget Sound region, from Tacoma to Seattle and Auburn to Kent. Schedule a no-obligation consultation to enhance the look of your property!


The creaks and groans your garage door emits are likely just old age. With time, the different parts comprising your garage doors (e.g., chains, pulleys, springs) become loose and require lubrication. This moving equipment might also need maintenance every once in a while; yearly checkups are recommended to preserve your garage door’s effortless functioning and safety.

You can’t go wrong with LexD when it comes to garage doors. Our company provides a wide range of garage door services that are both cost-effective and efficient. We also offer free estimates for all jobs we do, so there’s no need to worry about additional costs or hidden expenses.

Get in touch with us for a free consultation on your garage doors! If you’re having trouble with your garage door, get it repaired as soon as possible by a professional. Our experienced professionals have years of expertise and will work quickly to discover the noise source and make necessary repairs. Keeping your garage door in good working order is our specialty; from failing torsion springs to frayed cables, we can help you with everything! For a free consultation, contact us right now.

Since 2003, LexD has been the premier supplier of luxury overhead doors in Kent, WA. We specialize in bespoke wooden and high-end aluminum garage door installations. Still, we offer a variety of low-cost steel and insulated door options to match any budget. In addition to installation and repairs, we also provide premium service to ensure that your new garage door lasts as long as possible! You may schedule a free consultation with us today to find out how we can assist you in selecting the ideal garage door for your property.

The garage door opener is one of the most valuable pieces of equipment in a modern home, but they are not without problems. The most common issue with these devices is a failed motor. If this happens, it will need to be replaced as soon as possible. Other problems that can occur include wear and tear on the chain, belt, or pulleys. These components can break down over time and eventually must be replaced by a professional technician.

Furthermore, remote controls, sensors, and keypads are all possible sources of garage door opener malfunctions. For a quick fix to these little problems, use the following instructions:

  • If your remote isn’t working, check the batteries to see if they need replacing.

  • Look for anything in the area surrounding the garage door sensors blocking them.

  • It’s possible that your keypad’s coding has to be reset from time to time.

A broken chain, stripped gears, or a faulty motor can all cause garage door openers to fail. These problems are generally more severe and need the aid of a specialist. The LexD team of professional experts has years of expertise and will act swiftly to diagnose and repair the problem due to their experience.

If you’re still having difficulties, our specialists in Kent, WA, are here to help. We offer free consultations so that we can understand your needs and craft a tailored solution for your property.

The better a door is at resisting heat transfer; its R-value will be higher. To calculate the R-Value, we consider thermal resistance (how well it keeps heat out) and temperature resistance (how much heat it retains).

There are many reasons why insulation is a crucial element of garage doors. By trapping heat, an insulated door lowers your home’s energy demands for heating and cooling while saving you money! In addition to temperature regulation, insulation protects your door from outside noise pollution and creates a more soundproof space.

We provide insulated doors for both residential and business structures to best suit your needs. Each door’s R-value may be seen on the product page, underneath its description.

Thermal resistance, or R-value, measures a garage door’s effectiveness in retaining heat. Garage doors are rated on a scale ranging from 0 to 1000. Consider the climate and lifestyle when picking an R-value for your garage door.

Contact our experts to know whether your garage door is insulated or your home’s energy efficiency is adequate. We’d be glad to assist you in selecting the ideal garage door for your needs in Kent, Washington.